NeoBux Strategy

Learn how to earn money for watching short ads on Neobux.

I will show you how to start from 0$ and make at least 30$ per day without any investment.
You must remember that you are in control of how many referrals you want to rent and you can stop renting at any point and just maintain them and rip the rewards. You don't have to follow the strategy to the letter, you can modify it and make even bigger profit. It is just a guide what should be expected of you to earn money with Neobux. If you decide to invest few bucks it will be much easier to make your Gold and Ultimate Membership. But with little patients you can go all the way to the top with Neobux.

The best way to earn money at NeoBux is whit referrals. They can be direct referrals or rented referrals. The direct referrals are people joined under your referral link (you will get the link after 30 days). The rented referrals are people that haven't joined under nobody or are sold from other people to NeoBux and you rent them for 30 days at first. Rented referrals will cost you 0.20$ for 30 days. Most of them will be active but some will not be. You have the option to recycle them and get new one for 0.07$ (your referral days left will not change).

Your main goal is to make  Ultimate Membership and have 4199 rented referrals and as many direct referrals as you can. Remember patience is most important here. NeoBux is not get rich quick scheme it is more like a small business that grows after time.

First you will need account at PayPal, Payza or Neteller to deposit and withdraw funds. Next you need account at NeoBux please sign up from here. NeoBux have browser extension called AdAlert - it makes short sound every time there is a new ad available for you to click. You can find it in the bottom of the page when you login. From your account setting you can choose what type of sound to be played. After every paid ad you watch you get 3 AdPrize advertisements, they don't give you money but you have chance to win from 0.10$-50$, neopoints or Gold Membership worth 90$, so be sure to click them all too.

When you reach 2$ from clicking on ads you can, transfer them from your main balance to your rental balance. Don't make the mistake to rent 3 referrals when you reach 0.6$ like most people do, you just won't have enough money to maintain them. It may take time but with 2$ you will have money to recycle the inactive referrals and extend their rental time. You decide which referrals to recycle but I suggest you to recycle the referrals that haven't clicked in the last 4 days or have less than 1.5 AVG clicks.

Turn autopay on from the rental referrals page. This way you will save 15% from the amount you need to pay for the extension of your rental referrals. If your referral time drops below 20 days extend them for another 30 days. This way your autopay will always work and save you a lot of money. You can chose to extend them for longer periods and the discount will be greater.

Continue to rent 3 referrals each time you have 2$ in your account. You can start renting bigger amounts of referrals when you have more money. Keep the rule of renting referrals for the amount of 33% of your total balance, this way you will have enough money for recycling the inactive referrals and extending the time of your current ones. When you reach 300 rented referrals stop renting and just recycle and extend.

When you reach 100$ in your main balance use 90$ to buy Golden Membership. Your rental referrals will start giving you 0.01$ instead of 0.005$ per click. Start renting new referrals until you reach 1200, when you reach them start accumulating enough money for Ultimate Membership. Continue to recycle the new inactive referrals that haven't clicked 4 days and the referrals with AVG of less than 0.9

When you become Ultimate Membership you will have a lot of useful things with it. Your referrals get recycled automatically after they have been inactive for 7 days (you don't pay a cent). You can still recycle your referrals but for 0.04$. You can rent 300 referrals every 4 days. They give you 15 fixed ads every day for 0.02$ each. Also you extending prices are lowered by 3 cents. And more...

Continue to rent referrals until you reach 4000-4199 rented referrals. The faster you reach this number the better it will be for your income from NeoBux. Recycle only referrals that have been 14+ days with you, haven't clicked for 0-4 days and have AVG of less than 0.7 . You can use also the automatic recycling if you like it. Keep extending the time of your referrals for higher number of days like 150 or 240 to get bigger discounts. Start collecting your profit.

Download AdAlert it is very important to get every ad that is available.
After every ad you watch you get 3 AdPrize ads click them too for a chance to win from 0.25$-50$, Golden Membership or NeoPoints.
After 15 days and 100 ad clicks you can use your direct referral link to get direct referrals you don't pay anything for them and the money you generate from them is pure profit.
You can have only one account at Neobux. Don't try to make multiple account - you will get banned. Don't try to cheat in any other way.
Neobux have great forum where there are a lot of people you can ask for any questions you may have.
It may seem to you that it will take a lot of time but actually you will need 10min a day.
Be patient and you will rip great rewards with Neobux.

NeoBux Lingo
NeoPoints - you get 1 NeoPoint for every paid ad you watch.
You can renew/recycle your rented referrals with NeoPoints or you can exchange 30000 NeoPoints for 1 year Golden Membership.

NeoCoins - you can exchange them for $ directly into your Main Balance. You can earn NeoCoins by completing offers or by your direct referrals completing offers. You will get the the points 30 days after you complete the offer (for security reasons).
Exchange rate:
 • 5,000 NeoCoins = $1.0 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $5
 • 10,000 NeoCoins = $1.1 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $11
 • 20,000 NeoCoins = $1.2 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $24
 • 30,000 NeoCoins = $1.3 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $39
 • 40,000 NeoCoins = $1.4 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $56
 • 60,000 NeoCoins = $1.5 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $90
 • 80,000 NeoCoins = $1.6 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $128
 • 100,000 NeoCoins = $1.7 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $170

That's all folks.

You can open free account in NeoBux from here